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2018 IIHF World Championship - Behind the Scenes_Web_130806 A cumulative audience of over 1.2bn people tuned in to last year's tournament. Every year, Infront ensures the growing number of fans around the world have reliable and high-quality access to the greatest ice hockey event. Find out how Infront coordinates with broadcast partners around the world to bring the event to every fan.
_MG26259_Web_121777 From ref cams attached to referee helmets to bow cams suspended above the ice, Infront ensures fans never miss a moment of the action. Find out more about the broadcast innovations we're introducing every year
2018 IIHF World Championships Denmark - Tissot_Web_131437 Surrounding the action on the ice, the rink-side advertising boards allow brands to tell their story too. Partners such as ŠKODA and Tissot have benefited from decades of brand exposure, becoming synonymous with the tournament. Find out more ways how the Official Sponsors are reaching millions of ice hockey fans.
2018 IIHF World Championships Denmark - Skoda_Web_131093

This year's IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will see ŠKODA unveil their Superb Facelift as a PHEV as well as the SKODA CitigoE electric car. With hours of non-stop action and captivated fans, the tournament offers the ideal platform for brand activations. Find out more ways brands are leveraging the tournament's success to ensure their own.

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Regardless if you are in the arena, watching on TV or following on social media, Infront and the IIHF are committed to bringing the action to fans wherever they consume content. Find out more about how the digital strategy keeps fans engaged.

field-map-big Infront's range of services covers every level of ice hockey fan. From the exclusive Infront VIP area which provides a unique space for guests, VIPs and Infront's commercial partners to enjoy the best food and service, to delivering the ultimate ice hockey experience to fans around the world. Find out other ways Infront is putting fans first.
2018 IIHF World Championships Denmark - TV_Web_131476 The puck is small and the action is fast, but the ultra-slow motion camera introduced last year ensures fans can watch replays with confidence. Find out about other new production angles and methods for 2019.
21052019_Cooly Blog_Graphic-1 It is a special feeling when mascots move from concept to creation. Check out Roy Wedema's blog on how that spark of imagination transforms from the paper to celebrity status. Fans will be able to see Cooly in all his glory at next year's IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Switzerland.

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