09. August, Hamburg

Spielmacher Konferenz 2018

Infront heads to Spielmacher, one of Europe's fastest growing sports conferences that brings together industry decision makers and experts within the context of innovation.




Christoph Heimes, Senior Director, Digital Services

Christoph Heimes has been working as Senior Director of Digital Media, Services and Platforms at Infront since September 2017. He brings with him nearly 15 years of multi-national experience. Most recently, he was YouTube’s Head of Sports in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Stephanus mit Ball2

Stephanus Tekle, Director Marketing and Business Development

Stephanus Tekle is Director Marketing and Business Development at Infront Germany. He is head of the Marketing, Digital Solutions and Advisory Services departments and is also a member of the Infront Germany Management Board.


Marcel Sandrock, Manager Esports and Gaming

Marcel Sandrock is Manager Esports and Gaming at Infront Germany. A "gamer at heart" and active within the sports business ecosystem for almost 12 years Sandrock has been responsible for esports and gaming since 2018. In his previous position as a business developer he introduced the company to esports and implemented the structures that have made Infront more visible within the market.


Dennis Nirtl, Managing Director STARK Esports

As Founder and Managing Director of STARK eSports agency, Dennis Nirtl has shaped the German esports market for many years. He was previously involved with VfL Wolfsburg helping establish their first professional esports department.


Christoph Heimes

The future of sports marketing?!

The world of sports marketing has been a constantly changing landscape for the last 50 years and rarely has it been in such a state of flux than right now.
Infront has been a leading global sports marketer for almost two decades. How is the company responding to the changing media landscape, to an increasingly digital sports fan? Where is Infront investing and for which future of sports marketing are they preparing themselves?



Stephanus Tekle

Bundesliga – The international football start-up

Where does the international route of the Bundesliga lead? German clubs, rights holders and marketers as well as large media brands and startups from Germany have to consider the question of reach and new marketing channels. But how does the Bundesliga really compare to global leagues? What technologies will be the next game-changer for marketing and what offers are really relevant to fans? Our top-class four-person discussion with Stephanus Tekle (Infront), Andreas Heyden (DFL Digital), Thomas Rudy (WhiteRock) and Lars Gantenberg (Transfermarkt) will focus on how football evolves and how individual stakeholders react to it.



Marcel Sandrock

Esports in the Bundesliga - What is the next level?

As with many other sports leagues worldwide, an increasing number of Bundesliga clubs are discovering and entering the esports arena. The development since 2015 has been rapid with now over 100 clubs worldwide invested in esports teams. The styles of implementation may differ, but often bring along similar basic features such as concentrating on FIFA or working with one or two players. Are clubs fully exploiting the full potential of esports? Is the understanding sufficient and the structures resilient enough that esports can transfer added value to the core football business? And where does the potentials lie to reach the next level? Dennis Nirtl and Marcel Sandrock will give insight on their experience with esport engagement among Bundesliga clubs and what the next steps might be when it comes to esports strategy and implementation.



Dennis Nirtl

Esports in the Bundesliga - How is the next level?

Dennis, together with Marcel Sandrock, will give his insight on his experience on esports engagement from Bundesliga clubs and explain what the next steps might be when it comes to esports strategy and implementation.



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